Helium Balloons


When you think of balloons, What do you think about???

A pretty helium balloon bobbing around in the wind, tied to a gate to show where the entrance to a birthday party is.  Right!!!!

That is what we thought when we started Blue Monkey Balloon Bar in 2005.  We would sell Helium balloons for children's birthday parties, and do a bit of balloon twisting. 

Within a few month's we realized this myth was not true.  There is so much more you can to do with balloons, Helium and Air.  Balloons are the "New age flowers" but with so much more scope.

With this in mind, we decided to study and passed all the tests on the QBN (Qualatex Balloon Network) Curriculum, and we are eligible to take the CBA Practical Exam. Once we have passed the practical exam, we will be recognized as Qualatex Certified Balloon Artists worldwide.

When you arrange a function your balloons are an accessory, your party will be a success with or without balloons. Add a beautiful helium balloon arch at your entrance, helium balloons to enhance your table settings, or even just a helium balloon ceiling, and it makes you realize that balloons are just what you need for a perfect function.  Whatever you can imagine, we can help you to put into practice.

So from a stork party to a masked ball, balloons can brighten up any occasion. 

As we use Qualatex Balloons, we are eco-friendly, as they are totally biodegradable balloons, and will decompose as quickly as a leaf fallen from a tree in your backyard.  

We are based in the Benoni area, but are more than willing to travel to your venue in central Gauteng to help you with your balloon décor.


Gift in a Balloon

gift_in_a_balloon.jpgA recent addition to our store is the "Gift in a Balloon" The unique alternative way to wrapping a gift.

By putting your "Gift into a balloon" it adds a new and innovative way to present your gift. An absolute must for stork parties, mother's day, if fact any occasion worth remembering.

"Flowers in a Balloon" how about creating a floral arrangement in a heart balloon as a different way to present flowers.

Not only is this a unique way for giving a present, but can be used for a totally different centerpiece for tables or goody bags (balloons) for guests. 

We keep a small array of gifts in the store, but are more than happy for you to bring your goodies for your gift.  Just remember, the opening we have togift_in_a_balloon2.jpg work with is approximately the size of large cup, but soft toys, clothing, sweets, chocolates etc can be put in quite easily. Your "Gift in a Balloon" is made up especially for you.

 Your "Gift in a Balloon" is wrapped in a special gift bag, which keeps your balloon from oxidizing, and will still be as fresh as the day it was given for months to come.

Please look at our gallery for ideas for your "Gift in a Balloon"


We use Qualatex Balloons


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